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Making Auto Insurance More Affordable

Province Introduces Fair Auto Insurance Plan to Promote Better Care for Victims and Affordable Rates for Drivers

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Successful Awards Ceremony for Volunteers

Orléans150 Awards

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Orléans Health Hub: recap of recent public events

120 participants attend the Orléans Health Hub town hall session

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Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Nominations Now Open for the Premier's Awards for Accepting Schools 2017-2018

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Promoting Local Food and Healthy Eating in Local Schools

Ontario Supporting Unique Fundraising Program

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Putting Fans First in Ontario

Province Consulting on Ways to Give People a Fair Shot at Getting Tickets

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Ontario Making it More Affordable to Buy Your First Home

Province’s New Initiatives to Improve Housing Affordability Now in Effect

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Mr. Speaker, This past Sunday, April 19th, I was pleased to be a part of the Rotary Youth Awards in my community of Orléans. As a Rotarian, and an MPP, it was an absolute pleasure to be in the company of 27 dedicated and talented young people.


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