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Jobs and Opportunity for Youth

New Ontario Government Plans to Tackle Youth Unemployment

The new Ontario government launched its comprehensive Youth Jobs Strategy, which would help more young people find jobs and make sure employers can hire the skilled workers they need to thrive in today's economy. A highly skilled and adaptable workforce is critical to Ontario's continued economic success.

The strategy would focus on jobs, entrepreneurship and innovation for youth in Ontario:

  • Ontario Youth Employment Fund - would create new job opportunities for youth across Ontario.
  • Ontario Youth Entrepreneurship Fund - supports the next generation of entrepreneurs through mentorship, startup capital and outreach.
  • Ontario Youth Innovation Fund - supports youth to lead and manage industrial research, development and commercialization. It would also support young entrepreneurs at universities and colleges.
  • Business-Labour Connectivity and Training Fund to bring together business, labour, educators and youth to better prepare young people to develop the skills they need to succeed.

The entire strategy would be supported by a total investment of $295 million over two years, and would create 30,000 new job opportunities.

The Youth Jobs Strategy is part of the government's plan to help Ontario's young people succeed and build a prosperous and fair Ontario.


Read more about the Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities.

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