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  • April 07, 2015

Ottawa River Action Plan

Federal adds $62 million to Province's $62 million

I’m pleased to share the great news that the Ottawa River Action Plan is now 100% funded, with the federal government’s commitment of $62M announced on April 7th.


Last year, as part of our provincial budget, we committed to being a full partner in the project, meaning we will cover one-third of the costs for the Ottawa River Action Plan.


The Ottawa River is a vital part of our city and especially for our community of Orléans.  The Ottawa River Action Plan will build on our commitment to protecting the environment and preserving the Ottawa River and Petrie Island for our children for our children and grandchildren.


That is a $62 million initiative, and one that builds on our strong support of the environment and our strong support for the city.


Protecting the Ottawa River and Petrie Island has been a priority of mine since day one of my campaign and continue to be since my election last June.  Securing this funding will mean the city move closer to implementing the plan.


I want to thank our local and federal partners for their continued support, and key groups including Ecology Ottawa and Ottawa Riverkeeper - Sentinelle Outaouais for their ongoing advocacy.

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