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  • April 23, 2015

What’s in the Budget for Ottawa:

Funding Public Transit and Infrastructure: Ottawa can now benefit from $15 billion in dedicated transit, transportation, and infrastructure funding for communities outside the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas to help fund local transit priorities like Phase 2 of the LRT and Highway 417 improvements.


Better Health Care: The government is investing $2 million for a new PET-MRI at the Brain Imaging Centre at the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research to foster the next generation of research in Ottawa. A new five-floor expansion of The University of Ottawa Heart Institute is part of the $11 billion the government is investing in health care infrastructure over the next decade to better serve Ottawa residents. In addition, a new $20 million Health Technology Innovation Evaluation Fund will support homegrown, innovative health technologies, such as those created in the Ottawa technology sector.


Quality Education: More than $11 billion over 10 years is being provided to school boards to build new schools, such as in Ottawa to accommodate 412 full-day kindergarten students. This funding will help build more schools in areas of high growth, and improve conditions of existing school facilities.


Increasing Access to Post-Secondary Education: OSAP reforms will support Ottawa students and ensure greater access at our post-secondary institutions by indexing the maximum student aid levels available and the amount of loan forgiveness annually. Investments are also being made in business accelerators that will encourage entrepreneurship in our universities and colleges.


Supporting Youth Employment: The government is helping 150,000 more youth find a good job through the renewed Ontario Youth Jobs Strategy, by adding $250 million in funding over the next two years. Ontario is also investing $20 million to launch Experience Ontario, a program to provide guidance to graduating high school students.


More Money for Local Tourism: Ottawa will benefit from $5.9 million to promote and celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Francophone presence in Ontario and from the government’s commitment to “make Canada’s 150th birthday an occasion for pride and celebration.”


Creating Jobs: The government added an additional $200 million to its $2.5 billion Jobs and Prosperity Fund, allowing Ottawa businesses to access additional supports to encourage innovation and create more jobs. Our Eastern Ontario Development Fund will continue to provide support for small and medium-sized businesses.


Support for Seniors: Ontario is doubling the Seniors Community Grant Program to $2 million per year, which will help seniors stay active in our local communities. Expanding this program will build on the success of local organizations, such as the Somali Centre for Family Services and Connecting Miles of Smiles in Ottawa, currently benefiting from this program.


Affordable Housing: The City of Ottawa will benefit from the extension of the Investments in Affordable Housing program for an additional five years, building on the $4 billion in affordable housing investments since 2003, the largest investment in the province’s history and raising social assistance rates.


More Child Care: Ottawa child care providers will benefit from the additional $44.5 million being invested annually to stabilize fees, improve the reliability of child care, and better meet the needs of child care operators and parents.


Reducing Poverty: Ottawa community groups will be able to access a new $50 million fund to combat poverty in new, innovative, evidence-based ways – specifically at the local level.

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