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New Advisory Panel to Examine Ontario's Minimum Wage System

Province Committed to Ensuring a Fair and Prosperous Society for All Ontarians

Ontario has appointed a Minimum Wage Advisory Panel, chaired by Anil Verma, Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, to help ensure a process that is fair for workers, predictable for business and creates more opportunities for all Ontarians.

Through consultations with business and labour groups, workers, anti-poverty advocates and academics, the panel will examine the province's current minimum wage policy and provide advice on how Ontario should determine the minimum wage in the future.  The panel will also recommend a process to set the minimum wage that is both fair to workers and predictable for businesses. 

Ensuring a fair and predictable minimum wage system is part of the Ontario government's plan to building a more prosperous economy, while ensuring a fair society for all.

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