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Government Introduces Legislation to Protect Youth From Harmful Effects of Tobacco

Ontario Striving to Have Lowest Smoking Rate in Canada

Ontario introduced new legislation and proposed new regulations today that would strengthen theSmoke-Free Ontario Act by increasing penalties for selling cigarettes to kids and broaden restrictions on smoking in public areas.

The Youth Smoking Prevention Act, if passed, would: 

  • Prohibit smoking on playgrounds, sport fields, and restaurant and bar patios.
  • Double fines for those who sell tobacco to youth, making Ontario's penalties the highest in Canada.
  • Ban the sale of flavoured tobacco products targeted at kids to make smoking less appealing to young people.
  • Strengthen enforcement to allow for testing of tobacco in waterpipes in indoor public places.
  • Prohibit tobacco sales on post-secondary education campuses and specified provincial government properties.

Preventing youth from starting to use tobacco and protecting them from the harmful effects of second hand smoke will help to achieve the government's Action Plan for Health Care goal to have the lowest smoking rate in the country. This is part of the Ontario government's plan to build a successful, healthy province where everyone has the opportunity to connect, contribute and achieve their goals.

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