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Improving Road Safety In Ontario

Province Introducing New Legislation to Keep Roads Safe

Ontario is introducing legislation today to help reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities on the province's roads and highways and keep them among the safest in North America.

If passed, the proposed Keeping Ontario's Roads Safe Act and supporting amendments to the Highway Traffic Act will make highways and roads safer by:


  • Increasing fines for distracted driving from a range of $60 - $500 to a range of $300 - $1,000 and assigning three demerit points upon conviction
  • Increasing fines for drivers for dooring cyclists from a range of $60 - $500 to range of $300 - $1,000 and raising the demerit points from two to three
  • Requiring all drivers to maintain a distance of one metre when passing cyclists
  • Requiring drivers to yield the whole roadway to pedestrians at school crossings and pedestrian crossovers


Ensuring Ontario's roads and highways are safe is part of the government's economic plan that is creating jobs for today and tomorrow. The comprehensive plan and its six priorities focus on Ontario's greatest strengths - its people and strategic partnerships.

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