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  • March 16, 2017

Shingles Vaccine for Seniors

Starting September 15th, Ontario became the first jurisdiction in Canada to offer a publicly-funded shingles vaccine for seniors aged 65-70.  This will save approximately 850,000 eligible seniors about $170 each in out-of-pocket expenses for the vaccine. For this calendar year only, any Ontarian who was born in 1945 (70) can receive the vaccine until December 31, 2016. This will ensure that individuals close to the upper age eligibility cut-off have sufficient time to be vaccinated.

  • Seniors in their 70th year will be eligible to receive the vaccine for the full 70th year of life (e.g. 70 years and 364 days old).
  • This year only, any OHIP eligible senior born in 1945 will be eligible to receive the publically funded vaccine

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