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Legislative Week in Review: March 5th – 8th, 2018

In the House


This week we debated:


On Tuesday, Bill 193, Rowan's Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 passed third reading in the House. This is a monumental piece of legislation that will protect amateur athletes by making sports safer. The Bill mandates an annual review of concussion awareness, removal-from-sport and return-to-sport protocols and a concussion Code of Conduct to minimize concussions while playing a sport. This Bill makes Ontario a national leader in concussion management and prevention.     

Also on Tuesday, the Minister of Labour introduced Bill 203, Pay Transparency Act, 2018. The Bill would, if passed require all publically advertised job postings to include a salary rate or range, bar employers from asking a candidate about past compensation, prohibit reprisals against employees who discuss or disclose compensation, and establish a framework to require large employers to track and report compensation gaps based on gender and other characteristics. This is part of the government’s strategy to advance women’s economic empowerment. The Ontario Conservatives immediately filed a procedural delay motion on this proposed legislation.

The House also passed Opposition Day Motion #2 on mental health sponsored by Interim PC Leader Vic Fedeli on Tuesday afternoon. The Minister of Health and Long Term Care has been clear there can be no health without mental health. That is why the government has committed to an additional investment of $140 million over 3 years with an increase of more than $50 million every year after that to expand access to mental health services and reduce wait times.

On Thursday, despite delay tactics from the Conservatives, the House passed third reading of Bill 194, Fairness in Procurement Act, 2018. This is critical legislation that allows Ontario to respond to protectionist “buy-American” legislation being enacted in certain US states. The Ontario government remains committed to defending the interests of Ontario workers and businesses.   

Also on Thursday, the House passed third reading of Bill 175, Safer Ontario Act, 2018. This is historic legislation that improves police oversight, transparency and accountability, enhances civilian governance, responds to the needs of Ontario’s diverse communities, and mandates local community safety and well-being planning. Only the Conservatives voted against this Bill becoming law. 

Throughout this week, the Conservatives moved motions to ring the division bells timed to prevent debate on Government Motion #42: Putting a price on pollution to combat climate change. It is unfortunate, but not surprising that while they continue to deny the real dangers of climate change the Conservatives have adopted these tactics. To date they have moved these motions 11 times wasting 5.5 hours of debate time in the House.  


In Private Members’ Business

Bill 204, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Special Purpose Account Transparency Act, 2018 sponsored by PC MPP Jeff Yurek was defeated in the House. The Bill would have placed restrictions on benefits for the biologists, scientists, conservation officers and resource technicians working for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Bill 198, Student Absenteeism and Protection Act, 2018 sponsored by Liberal MPP Ann Hoggarth passed second reading in the House. The Bill would, if passed label absenteeism and habitual lateness at school as indicators of when a child is in need of protection.

Bill 186, Poet Laureate of Ontario Act (In Memory of Gord Downie), 2018 sponsored by NDP MPP Percy Hatfield passed second reading in the House. The Bill would, if passed establish an Ontario Poet Laureate named after the late Gord Downie.


In Committee

Public Hearings:

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Clause by Clause Consideration:

Standing Committee on Justice Policy on Bill 175, Safer Ontario Act, 2018.

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