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Legislative Week in Review: April 30th -May 3rd, 2018

In the House 


This week we debated: 


On Tuesday, the House voted down its fourth Opposition Day Motion sponsored by MPP Vic Fedeli. The motion called on the government to reverse the changes to compensation for Hydro One CEO. As the largest shareholder in Hydro One, the government had already made it clear it would not be supporting this compensation change and Hydro One has announced they will be reviewing the proposed changes with stakeholders.

On Wednesday the House passed a motion providing a legislative schedule for Bill 53, Government Contract Wages Act, 2018. This motion sets a timeline that includes a third reading vote for Bill 53 before the issuing of the writ for the 2018 election next week. 

On Wednesday, the House passed third reading of Bill 8, Access to Consumer Credit Reports and Elevator Availability Act, 2018. This Bill gives consumers stronger rights over information held by credit reporting agencies and makes Ontario the first jurisdiction in the world to establish timelines for elevator repairs.

Also on Thursday the House passed third reading of Bill 6, Correctional Services Transformation Act, 2018. The Bill transforms the corrections sector including an evidence based approach to rehabilitation, while ensuring both public safety and the protection of the human rights and dignity of persons in custody. Only the conservatives voted against this important transformation of the Correctional system.

Also on Thursday, the House also unanimously passed second reading of Bill 53, Government Contract Wages Act, 2018. Based on the motion passed earlier this week, the Bill will be up for third reading debate and a third reading vote next week. 


In Private Members’ Business

Bill 9, Mandatory Sexual Assault Law Training for Judicial Officers Act, 2018 sponsored by PC MPP Laurie Scott passed second reading in the House. This Bill would, if passed mandate judges undergo sexual assault training. The courts already provide sexual assault training for prospective judges.

Bill 29, Combatting Eating Disorders in Ontario Act sponsored by Liberal MPP Yvan Baker also passed second reading in the House. The Bill would, if passed require photographs or video that have been altered or retouched include a disclaimer indicating that it has been altered or retouched.

Bill 16, Respecting Municipal Authority Over Landfilling Sites Act, 2018 sponsored by PC MPP Ernie Hardeman also passed second reading in the House. The Bill would, if passed require municipalities or reserves councils to approve the establishment of a landfilling site before it can be established. Our government is committed to ensuring that municipalities and communities remain part of the consultation process so that that all projects are protective of both the environment and public health.


In Committee

Public Hearings

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